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Manassas VA Septic System Alarm

A septic tank that has exceeded its maximum capacity is not only at risk for permanent damage; it can also force untreated sewage back into the structure it supports and spills it across an extensive area outside of the tank. In Manassas VA, septic sewer alarms can prevent tank damage, uncontrolled spills, and keep the septic system operating normally.


Advantage uses a float control switch in each of its alarms. This device also links to a sewer ejector pump. It enables the alarm to serve two functions: Notice of an overfill and a release of wastewater into the environment. The first alarm lets the homeowner or facility manager know that the septic tank needs servicing, so they have time to schedule a removal well before the tank is full.


The tank continues to fill, and if the float rises too high, the alarm sounds again. This time, the float also activates the sewer ejector pump. It begins to force out the top level of wastewater, called effluent. Once it goes back down to a safe level, the float turns off the sewer ejector pump and the alarm.


The Manassas VA septic system alarm helps to identify other problems that can happen to septic tanks and pipes as well. Some are fairly minor and result in a minimal cost increase, but others can stop pumps from working and potentially cause major damage.


First up is a common misconception. Despite what you might hear from so-called experts, never add water to your septic system. We add a minimal amount to each tank at installation, but this is done to check the tank and piping for leaks. It is also a requirement of the county environmental office so they can perform their inspection and certify the tank for use. After that, adding water to the system does nothing to break down solid matter or increase bacteria growth. It only increases the amount of wastewater which must be removed sooner than scheduled.


Treat strong odors as more than a nuisance. Septic systems are sealed; even after a scheduled wastewater removal, any odors should fade in just a day. It is possible that an access hatch was not properly secured, so check that first. If you smell sewage after that, it is an indication that the sewer ejector pump began operating, but your Manassas VA septic system alarm failed to sound. The other problem is that there might be a crack in the tank or one of the pipes.


Even a water softener can harm your septic system. They use two types of salts, potassium, and sodium. Potassium does not affect the bacteria needed to break down solid matter, but it is more corrosive to the sewer ejector pump, eventually causing a mechanical failure. Sodium does not harm the ejector pump, but it does kill off a large number of bacteria. Too much sodium can slow solid matter breakdown, causing blockages to form in the system.


If you are considering switching to a septic system or would like more information about servicing your Manassas VA septic system alarm and other components, call Advantage Septic Service today at (703) 392-7070.

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