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Oakton VA Septic System Alarm

A septic system is a fairly simple set of devices, but each one has to function smoothly with the others. An Oakton VA septic system alarm links to a float control switch that monitors and warns when the wastewater level rises too high. That float also connects to a sewer ejector pump which releases wastewater in case there is an emergency which threatens the tank integrity and triggers the alarm again.


In most circumstances, an alarm results in a quick response and the septic system is pumped down to a safe level. In an emergency, the level keeps rising, and the pump begins to release effluent. Tank bacteria partially treat this part of the wastewater, so it is slightly safer than the rest. Once the sewer ejector pump removes enough effluent, the float control switch turns off the pump.


As you can see, an Oakton VA septic system alarm not only works to prevent problems but identifies them as well. Outside issues can trigger the alarm, but these are simple to handle with a little knowledge and a good maintenance schedule.


Even a water softener can be a problem. Regulations changed in 2003, and all water softening systems installed after 1 September have to run directly into the septic tank. The type of salt used determines how it adversely affects the system. Potassium-based salt has little effect on the tank bacteria, so it does not interfere with the breakdown of solid matter. It is more corrosive on the ejector pump mechanism, however than sodium-based salt, so it might result in a failure which causes further damage to the tank.


Sodium-based salt is much safer for the sewer pump. It kills more bacteria though, which slows the breakdown of solid matter. More free-floating solids can clog both the inlet and outlet pipes, resulting in higher levels of wastewater which triggers the Oakton VA septic system alarm and may force sewage back into the building.


Some owners add water to their septic tank. It does nothing for the tank except to increase the level of wastewater and increase the number of times a tanker truck has to be called in to empty the tank. We add water during the installation, but that is to check for leaks and show state inspectors that every completion of each step. Once we seal the tank to begin operation, there is no need to add any water except for normal flushing.


Keeping an eye, and a nose, on the septic tank is important. Even after waste removal, the smell around a septic tank dissipates in a day. Even if there is a spill, the odor quickly fades. If you can see or smell sewage after a week, there may be a problem with the float control switch or the ejector pump.


Advantage recommends a regular inspection and maintenance schedule for your Oakton VA septic system alarm and other components of your septic system. If you want to discuss installing a new system for your home or business, call us today at (703) 392-7070.

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