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Manassas VA Septic Tank Cleaning

Manassas VA septic tank cleaning is required by the EPA every one to three years. If a septic system, residential or commercial, is located within a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area, the septic tank or tanks are required under Virginia law to be pumped out and visually inspected at least once every five years. In addition to cleaning, pumping, and inspection, every septic system also needs a thorough maintenance and repair schedule to ensure it functions at peak optimization and reduces the chance of equipment failure.


Advantage Septic Service has performed septic tank cleaning in Manassas VA and other towns and cities for over 30 years. Our company is locally owned and also one of the most respected businesses for commercial and residential septic system maintenance and repair in Northern Virginia. We take pride in developing maintenance schedules to fit the septic requirements of hundreds of residential and commercial customers.


Scheduled maintenance preserves the integrity of a septic system, saves money over the lifespan of the tank and other components, and protects the local environment. A robust maintenance schedule must include regular removal of the wastewater (effluent), inspection of the alarm system, and inspection of the ejector pump and float control switch whenever the septic tank is opened for routine cleaning or any other servicing operation.


It makes correct placement of the float control switch and other alarm components extremely important to the efficiency of each septic system. When the components function properly, they first activate the alarm when wastewater rises to the high-level point in the tank. The warning lets the tank owner or manager know that it is time to schedule a removal servicing and have a tank truck pump out effluent and other wastewater.


If the wastewater continues to rise and reaches the tank fill point before it can be pumped out, the float control switch sounds the alarm again, sending out an emergency release warning. Quickly after that, the float activates the sewer ejector pump which begins to release wastewater through the outlet pipe.


It continues until the float returns to a safe level. At that point, the control switch shuts down the sewer ejector pump and turns off the alarm if the manager or owner has not already deactivated it. While no one wants to deal with even a controlled release of wastewater, it prevents major damage to the septic tank, stops waste being forced back into the home or other structure, and eliminates the bill for a major environmental cleanup and septic tank replacement.


In addition to high-level and emergency warnings, the alarm can also be an indicator of other problems. If both of the alarms begin to sound more often, particularly if they are far in advance of any scheduled waste removal, it can be an indication there is a buildup of solid matter on the bottom of the septic tank. When the buildup gets too high, a routine removal may not be enough, so a thorough cleaning of the Manassas VA septic tank should be scheduled.

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