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Septic Tank In Luckett’s, Va

How long has it been since you had the septic tank on your Luckett’s, VA property pumped out and your system inspected? If you recently purchased your home, the former owner may or may not have left you with any records, so you have no way of knowing. If that’s the case, or if your own record keeping has been less than stellar and you’re struggling to remember, the safe bet is to assume that it’s time and give us a call to schedule service right away.

Our recommendation is that you have your tank pumped and an inspection performed every three to five years in order to minimize your risk of a serious system problem. This though, is just a general guideline. You may require more or less frequent septic tank pump outs on your Luckett’s, VA property. This is dependent on a number of different factors including but not limited to:

  • How many people you have living in your home
  • How often you have overnight guests staying with you
  • And how good or bad your home septic habits are

The first two items make intuitive sense to most folks. After all, the more people you have living in your home or staying with your regularly, the more waste that’s bound to enter your system. The last item though, raises more than a few curious eyebrows. Many people aren’t even aware that there’s such a thing as septic tank habits. There are though, and they make a big difference.

If you live in a house that’s connected to a municipal sewage system, you don’t have to think or worry too much about what you flush down the toilet or pour down your sink. Yes, it may cause a temporary clog, but once you’ve cleared that, the offending material is out of your life. It’s on its way to the sewage treatment plant where someone else will deal with it.

Things aren’t like that if you have a septic tank on your Luckett’s, VA property. There is no one else. It’s ultimately on you to deal with everything that enters your system. Good septic habits then, amount to an increased sense of mindfulness. Being aware of everything that enters your system.

If the materials going into your system are biodegradable, you’ll seldom have an issue. The bacteria living in your tank will take care of it, breaking those materials down and sending them out to your drain field in due time.

If the materials going into your system are not biodegradable, one of two things will happen. Either they’ll take up progressively more space in your tank, ultimately causing a backflow of raw sewage into your home, or you’ll call us to come pump your tank out and reset the clock.

Please choose that second option. You never want to find yourself having to deal with raw sewage flooding into your house and we can help minimize that risk.

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