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Septic Tanks Loudoun County VA

Regularly pumping out the contents of your septic tanks is one of the most effective things you can do to extend the life of septic tanks in Loudoun County, VA. There are many benefits of regular septic tank pumping.

For example, it helps the septic system to operate more efficiently and with less running cost. Before delving more into the subject, it’s crucial to understand how a conventional septic system functions. Please allow us to enlighten you if you are unaware of this.

To begin, solid waste in your household wastewater settles to the bottom of the tank when it flows into the septic tank, while the oily, greasy component floats to the top. So, what happens to the liquid part of the wastewater? It settles into the middle part of the tank in between the solid layer and the oily layer.

However, the tank cannot effectively process the wastewater if overloaded. As a result, the sewage will back up into your home or spread out into the surrounding area. Let’s say you follow the rules and get your septic tank pumped out regularly, as advised in Loudoun County, Virginia. In such cases, the wastewater in the tank has more space to spread out and decompose, making the entire treatment process much more manageable.

Remember that digging up an old septic tank takes great effort, time and money if you are planning to ignore scheduled septic tank pumping. On the other hand, planning frequent pumping of your septic system also keeps the drain field clean, which might otherwise be polluted by overflowing effluent from the tank.

Most Customary Schedule for Pumping Septic Tanks
Generally, septic tanks in Loudoun County, VA, are recommended to be pumped every two to three years. However, this standard rule may be lowered to every three to five years if the house is used seldom, such as only on weekends. However, experts recommend annual pumping if there is an abnormal increase in water that enters the tank.

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