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Things You Should Know About a Marshall, VA Septic Tank Collapse

If you have a septic tank collapse in your yard, there is no doubt that it will leave the whole place sloppy and stinky. The most unfortunate fact about a septic tank collapse is that it happens without any warning signs. You cannot see it coming just by looking at the tank from above.

However, a septic tank collapse is a dangerous thing to happen in your yard because the hole created by it in the ground is often big enough for a person to fall into it. What if someone from your family falls into it? You need to act quickly in such situations. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the person can lose his or her life from the accident.

What Causes a Marshall, VA Septic Tank to Collapse?

An interesting fact about septic tank collapse is that it mostly leaves you wondering what causes a Marshall, VA septic tank to collapse. If you probe the issue a little further, you will understand that there can be several reasons behind this. For example, the age of the septic tank is one reason. This is because septic tanks may be prone to damage as time passes if they are built using materials that are susceptible to corrosion. So, make sure to get old septic tanks inspected by septic tank service professionals such as Advantage Septic Service to prevent a sudden septic tank collapse.

Another interesting fact is that a septic tank that is emptied of water recently is more prone to collapse. This is because there is no water in it to stabilize the pressure of the soil surrounding it. The same applies to septic tanks that are kept empty for long periods or are disconnected. In such cases, there are chances of high hydrostatic pressure to form in the surrounding ground, which can eventually lead to a septic tank collapse.

Unequal wastewater distribution along the sides of the septic tank can also be a reason for septic tank collapses. This is because when wastewater is distributed in unequal proportions, the water absorption also takes place unevenly, leading to pressure points inside the septic tank walls. Such areas would then have to absorb more wastewater than it can handle. This will make that specific area more prone to collapse. Yet another cause for sudden septic tank collapse is driving heavy vehicles over your septic tank system. This will put additional pressure on the structure of the septic tank system and make it weak.

Call a professional septic tank service provider such as Advantage Septic Service for immediate help if you have a septic tank collapse situation to deal with and make sure nobody falls into it and puts his or her life at risk.

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