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What Happens If A South Riding Va Septic Tank Is Never Pumped Out

There are certain things you need to maintain a home once you buy it. For example, to keep it in good condition, you need to occasionally trim the bushes and mow the lawn. You may also need to paint it and invest in landscaping ideas from time to time to preserve its aesthetic appeal. A septic tank is no different. If you want it to be fully functional, you will have to carry out regular septic tank inspection and pumping. Let us look at some of the common questions we come across as far as septic tank maintenance is concerned.

How Often Should Be Septic Tank Pumping Done?

This will depend upon how much wastewater your household generates. As a thumb rule, septic tank experts recommend that you need to carry a septic tank inspection every three years and pump out them at least once in five years.

What Factors Determine the Frequency of My Septic Tank Pumping Out?

Several factors play a role in determining the frequency of your septic tank pumping. To decide whether or not it is time to do your septic tank pumping, the best method is to let a septic tank expert inspect your septic system. After the inspection, he will guide you properly on when to do the next pumping. Keep in mind that a septic tank pumping frequency and duration will differ from property to property.

For example, a household with more members using the system will need to be pumped out more often. As the number of occupants increases, the wastewater and human waste generated will also be increased. The size of your tank will also play a key role here. The smaller the tank is, the more pumping you will have to do as it quickly gets filled up.

What Happens If a South Riding, VA, Septic Tank is Never Pumped Out?

Always keep in mind that overloading your septic tank will lead to system failure. In such cases, the septic tank’s waste and sewage will start seeping into the surrounding soil, causing the contamination of your well water. Your health can be at risk if you consume this contaminated water. Not only that, but you will also lose the functionality of your outdoor space if such leakage occurs. You will have to deal with excruciating foul odors and a standing pool of water on your lawn.  Besides, you will also experience toilet backups and slower drainage of water in bathrooms. This is what happens if a South Riding, VA septic tank is never pumped out.

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