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What Happens When My Fairfax Station VA Septic Tank Is Full?

One question you may ask yourself after installing a septic tank in your Fairfax Station, VA, is: What happens when my Fairfax Station VA septic tank is full? Once the septic system is up and running in your home, you need to remember that you must engage the experts to inspect it every three years.

You will also need a pump-out every 3-5 years, depending on your household’s usage. You should always take charge of any possible problem before it presents and forces you to squeeze your pockets by financing the extensive repair services.

What Happens When My Fairfax Station VA Septic Tank Is Full?

Probably before you call in the professionals, and you want to detect whether your septic tank might be full, you can look out for any of these signs:

Slowed drainages and flushing
You might be taking a shower, and you notice that water is not draining as quickly as it often does. As you flush the toilet, you may also realize that the waste seems to be backing up. These are some of the most apparent and early indicators that you might be experiencing due to a full septic tank.

Standing water pools
Pools of water may be evident around the septic tank or drain field, which is an indication that the tank may be full and is beginning to seep out

Green spots around your lawn
It may have been a dry season, and you might not have been watering the lawn. Despite the grass probably drying up, there can still be spots that may be distinctively lush. Consequently, there might be some waste liquid that continues to sustain your lawn.

Unpleasant odors
The septic system may begin to produce some unpleasant smells; the more the system fills up, the more gas it emanates. The gas will usually escape via your drains, toilet, and drain field, among other channels that rely on the septic system. You shouldn’t ignore such indicators. The smell may be too terrible to stay comfortable within the home surroundings.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, you should immediately call in the experts to inspect your system.

Advantage Septic Service can take Care of Your Septic Tank.

If you haven’t been up with your septic tank’s constant maintenance, do not fret; it is not too late to begin now. Advantage Septic Service offers Fairfax Station VA, septic tank maintenance, including the pump-out services, in case the inspection reveals that your tank is full.

Having been in the field of wastewater drainage for over 20 years, be assured that we can restore your septic system to its previous worth and revive happiness around your home.

Our central core values, such as honesty, transparency, and cost-effective customer solutions, have made us the highly-esteemed septic contractors that we are today in Northern Virginia.

Do not hesitate to call us now; our highly-skilled team will come in to inspect your septic tank. Apart from the many years of experience, we also have the right tools to execute septic maintenance services.

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