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What Is A Leesburg Va Septic Tank Alarm?

What is a Leesburg VA septic system alarm? Did this question cross your mind recently? If so, let us explain about septic tank alarms a bit. A septic tank alarm usually provides routine alerts to the septic tank owners so that they can know whether it is time to call for a waste removal tank truck. Apart from this primary function, septic tank alarms also sound when heavy rain or a severe storm unexpectedly fills your septic tank. You may have to schedule an unplanned removal or maintenance service for your septic system in such situations. Also, keep in mind that a septic tank alarm can also go off if the tank or another part of the septic system requires repair.

What Is A Leesburg Va Septic Tank Alarm? How Does It Work?
A septic tank alarm is set to go off when the tank’s float control switch rises to a predetermined level. Once the alarm goes off for the first time, it warns the septic tank owners that they need to remove solid matter and wastewater from the septic tank as soon as possible. What happens if an immediate removal was not possible and the tank fills to a second, higher level? In such cases, there will be a second alarm. This time it is an overfill warning. If this happens, the sewage ejector inside the tank gets activated, and it begins releasing the top layer of wastewater. This will continue until the float lowers back to its safe level. Once the float level reaches the safe level, the sewage ejector pump turns off automatically.

There is a common, false belief among septic tank owners that adding water occasionally to their septic tanks helps to breakdown the solids in the wastewater. However, this theory is entirely wrong. Adding water is similar to opening your septic tank’s access hatch in a thunderstorm. Doing so will only raise the float control switch faster, which means you are forcing an unnecessary waste removal service.

Why hire professionals for your septic tank maintenance?
Remember that a septic system alarm cannot warn the owners about all the different problems associated with a septic tank. For example, if your septic tank is emitting strong odors, an alarm system will completely bypass the issue. So, we would not suggest you depend entirely only on the alarm system for detecting septic tank issues. The best way to do that is hire a professional septic tank maintenance team such as Advantage Septic Service.

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