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Car Wash Cleaning

Contaminated water and sludge from car wash businesses may contain oils, greases, solvents, detergents, and any number of pollutants that impact water quality, harming life dependant on streams. Soil and groundwater contamination from car wash operators is a serious hazard to human and environmental health. 

Along with efforts to recapture and process wastewater and prevent the free discharge of car wash wastewater, you can trust the septic experts at Advantage Septic Services to safely remove and properly dispose of this dangerous car wash waste.

Local stormwater management regulations vary by jurisdiction, and all car wash cleaning, by individuals or businesses, is subject to increasing regulation and environmental mandates. 

Advantage Septic Services is your partner in assuring that wastewater management and car wash drain cleaning are never an issue. Call to set your car wash cleaning appointment today.

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