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May 2023 – Centreville Immigration

centreville immigration

Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) began as a series of open community dialogues to discuss the effects of rapid demographic change—from 1 in 10 foreign-born residents of Centreville in 1990, to 1 in 3 in 2010. From 2007 to 2010, during a time when immigration questions fueled controversy in nearby communities, residents from local churches and neighborhood associations met to learn about the impacts of immigration, and to get to know the day laborers who stood outside the Centreville library looking for work. In 2010, local businessman A.J. Dwoskin contacted Supervisor Michael R. Frey (R) to explore the idea of creating an organized worker center that would address the needs of the growing number of day laborers soliciting work near his shopping centers. He offered to provide space for a Center if someone could be found to operate it effectively. CIF incorporated, selected a governing board, and raised funds to pay staff. The Labor Center opened in December, 2011, with the full support of Mr. Dwoskin and then Supervisor Frey.

Initial community concern that the Center would attract crime and decrease community safety proved untrue, and the Labor Center is now accepted as a community asset. The Labor Center hosts the Sully Police Department and their Crime and Prevention officer to build trust within the community.

The vision of CIF is a community that provides acceptance and opportunity for all immigrants. The mission is to implement sustainable programs that provide immigrants in need with the means to improve their lives and become more integrated into the community; improve communication and cooperation among all groups serving immigrants; and build community recognition of our strength in diversity.



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