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Alarm & Float Replacement

Alarm and float replacement is key to monitoring the efficiency and integrity of any septic system. Sewage ejector pumps operate with a simple float control switch. When wastewater rises in the septic tank to a pre-set level, the float switch turns the pump on. When the tank level and the float are low enough, the switch turns the pump off. A redundant remote float control switch is an important factor as it can inform you the moment a sewage problem is detected. In the event the system is dangerously full and in danger of compromise this warning device, mounted above the primary float on sewage and sump pump ejector installations, will activate a multisensory alarm and prevent a costly septic system crisis.The septic experts at Advantage Septic Service provide timely alarm and float replacement and septic repair so you are safe from the sudden and expensive catastrophe of septic system failure. Advantage Septic Service prides itself on pinpointing problems early so they can be “detected and corrected” before further damage occurs.

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