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This video outlines important components of water wells and recommendations for testing water quality, and if needed, remediating problems.

Basic septic system function, care and maintenance is also covered. Brought to you by the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Household Water Quality Program.

Loudoun County Septic System Owners

The Loudoun County Health Department is ramping up enforcement of annual Alternative Septic System inspections and required routine pumping of conventional septic systems.

Alternative systems must be inspected every year between January and July 1st. Septic tanks must be pumped out every five years. Failure to do so leaves property owners at risk for monetary penalties and possible misdemeanor criminal charges. Call to schedule these services immediately.

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The average cost to repair a septic system can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the malfunction, ensuing damage to your property and cleanup costs resulting from local environmental contamination. Advantage Septic Service is here to help you properly maintain your septic system and deliver quality septic system service as needed in the most cost-effective method.


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Advantage Septic Service has been providing septic cleaning needs of both residential and commercial customers since 1997. We’re very proud of a long standing reputation for our honesty, fair pricing and reliability.

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