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Clifton VA Septic System Alarm

Septic systems are a viable and often cost-efficient option to using a network of sewer lines and conduits. They are a good choice for homes and businesses, providing more control over maintenance for owners and managers as well having a built-in alarm to alert when a tank truck should be called to remove wastewater or schedule another service.


When it comes to installing a Clifton VA septic system alarm, the first step is to install the sewage pump properly. Correctly sized sewage grinder pumps, when paired with sewer ejector pumps and internal warning sensors keep the waste flowing smoothly into the septic tank for commercial and residential structures. They also keep the wastewater agitated just enough for optimum digestion of solid matter by bacteria. Each pump installation depends on the septic system size and other specifications along with the requirements of the home or business at each site.


At Advantage Septic Service, we can diagnose any issue that might arise from a system failure, but prevention is always the better option. That is why we also work closely with the property owner after installation to build an inspection and removal schedule tailored to each septic system. A single blockage can trigger the Clifton VA septic system alarm in businesses and homes. If not quickly removed, the pumps can fail, requiring extensive repairs or replacement.


After the pumps, we install the alarm. Advantage determines the wastewater warning level needed for each tank and uses a float control switch to monitor it. We link it to the alarm so that the property manager or owner has time to call for a truck to empty the tank before it rises too high.


If the wastewater level continues to rise, the float control switch activates the sewage pump when it becomes a threat to the integrity of the septic tank and may even push raw sewage back through the pipes and into the structure. It remains active until the wastewater returns to a safe level. At that point, the float turns off the sewage pump.


To prevent the Clifton VA septic system alarm from going off in the first place, we carefully follow the guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency. We pump out the septic system from one to three years and recommend an annual inspection. State law requires any home or business with a septic system in a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area to have its tanks pumped out and inspected every five years.


While every Clifton VA septic system alarm should be in place and working, it is regular care and maintenance that keeps a septic tank performing efficiently. Advantage Septic Services has over thirty years experience in this industry and can answer any question about our operation. Call us today at (703) 392-7070.

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