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Common Prince William, VA Septic Tank Problems

In Prince William County, VA, common septic tank problems that our technicians deal with are tanks that are over capacity and clogs. The good news for homeowners is that you can prevent both troubles in almost every case.

Here at Advantage Septic Service, we are dedicated to helping homeowners just like you keep your septic system in the best possible condition. Our goal is affordable help to make your system last for decades. That’s why we so heartedly recommend that you schedule routine pumping every year in most cases. For some property owners, every two or three years is fine. It all depends on how many people live at your house.

Some property owners don’t realize the major damage that so often occurs when a tank is allowed to get too full. Just look at the consequences:

  • Drains and toilets that run slowly. This is frustrating, especially because they don’t respond to grocery store products and devices made to get rid of clogs. The cause is in the septic tank and you need to fix that problem to speed up your drains.
  • Contaminated soil in your drain field. When your septic tank is full of sludge, it can’t handle wastewater. This is pushed out into the soil, contaminating it and causing a health hazard.
  • Awful smells in your yard. The wastewater that is leaked into the soil smells unpleasant because it is a mix of black water from toilets and gray water from sinks, tubs and clothes washers and dishwashers. Say goodbye to the sweet smells of Mother Nature.
  • Cracks in your septic tank. When the tank is too full, it can crack. This sends even more wastewater into the drain field. It also costs a lot of money to fix or replace.
  • Sewage backup into your home. This is disgusting, messy and unsanitary. You and your family can’t stay in the house until the problem is completely fixed.

You can see how smart it is to schedule regular cleanings to prevent one of the most common septic tank problems in Prince William County, VA. When the Advantage technician is doing the job, feel free to ask him any questions you have about your system and how to keep it in excellent condition.

Clogs are also a major problem for septic tank owners. You can prevent almost all clogs by monitoring what you put down your drains and your toilet. In the kitchen, use a drain trap to catch food waste. Your septic system can’t handle fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee ground, eggshells, grease, fats and oils.

The only thing that should ever go down your toilet is human waste and toilet paper. That means no disposable diapers or sanitary products.

Call Advantage Septic Service today to find out more about common septic tank problems in Prince William County, VA.

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