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Do I Need To Use Septic Tank Treatment For My Gainesville VA Septic System?

Although you depend on your septic tank system on a daily basis, you seldom think about it unless there is a significant issue with it. Septic tanks operate by directing wastewater from your house into a tank where microorganisms break it down and eat it, dividing it into solids and liquids.

Do you now wonder do I need to use septic tank treatment for my Gainesville VA septic system? You do, indeed. Aside from regular pumping, septic tank treatment is required regularly to assist the microorganisms in the tank in digesting the waste that enters the tank. If you want to know more about this, read on.

Do I Need To Use Septic Tank Treatment For My Gainesville VA Septic System?
Before we begin, it is essential to note that many septic tank treatments are available, including hydrogen peroxide, organic solvents, inorganic acids or alkalis, and biological additives. However, some of these treatments are harmful to your septic system and may even be illegal in your region. So, while choosing a septic tank treatment technique for your septic tank, proceed with care.

Septic Tank Treatment Methods
The first thing to know is that inorganic acids and alkalis are not suitable alternatives for the health of your septic tank. This is because their harsh chemical composition kills the much-needed bacteria in the tank, thereby stopping the anaerobic digestion process.

The next alternative, hydrogen peroxide, was formerly a popular recommendation for septic tank treatment since it does not damage the bacterial ecology inside the tank when appropriately diluted. Recent researches, however, suggests that it harms soil composition and endangers the drain field’s long-term sustainability. As a result, hydrogen peroxide cannot be utilized for long-term septic tank treatment.

The next best choice is organic compounds such as methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, and other chlorinated hydrocarbons. These, on the other hand, are mainly grease cleansers and may be too harsh for the bacterial ecology of your septic tank. Furthermore, once in the drain field, these degreasers have the potential to seep into the groundwater system, causing severe ecological harm.

What can you do in such a situation? What options do you have for septic tank treatment? Biological additives are the solution. Biological additives, such as bacteria and extracellular enzymes, are the only septic tank treatments approved for supporting a healthy bacterial ecology, maintaining a functioning drain field, and preserving the health of the surrounding groundwater.

Advantage Septic Solutions will be happy to assist you with treating your septic tank in your Gainesville VA septic system. We have years of expertise and can be trusted to treat your septic system. Do you know how to get in touch with us? Please complete our website’s contact form, and one of our staff members will respond as soon as possible.

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