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Fairfax VA Septic System Alarm

A commercial or residential septic system is a good alternative to linking into a public sewer network. In some areas, the geography or soil content makes it the only viable choice, regardless of the cost-efficiency. Property managers and homeowners enjoy more control over inspection, maintenance, and waste removal. They also have a built-in alarm to let them know when each task is needed.


Installing a Fairfax VA septic system alarm is not a simple task, and certain equipment needs to be mounted to the tank first. Every installation uses the system size and building usage to determine requirements. For homes and light industrial businesses, a sewage grinder pump is needed to keep waste flowing evenly into the tank.


Sewer ejector pumps help keep the wastewater agitated enough to assist bacteria to break up and consume solid matter. Together with an internal warning alarm, they ensure proper operation and adherence to a maintenance and removal schedule.


With the pumps in place, we install the float control switch and the alarm. The float monitors the wastewater level and when it rises past the pre-determined safe point, sends a signal to the septic system alarm, causing it to sound off. Our technicians set the level so that when the alarm goes off, the resident or facility manager has time to check the system and call for service before there is an overfill.


If the level continues to rise, the float activates the sewage pump to begin releasing wastewater to prevent damage to the septic system. If this effluent is not released, raw sewage can push back into the structure, contaminating everything it touches. That results in hundreds or thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and emptying out the structure until it is safe. As the effluent is released, the float goes down and eventually shuts off the sewage pump and the Fairfax VA septic system alarm.


Advantage understands that even a small blockage can shut down a sewer grinder pump. It is why we work closely with customers after the installation to tailor an inspection and maintenance program for each septic system. Despite the effectiveness of a Fairfax VA septic system alarm, preventing solid matter buildup and mechanical failures is always the better option.


Our office follows the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. That means we perform an annual inspection of every septic system in the state and are required to pump each one out at least every three years with some facilities requiring an annual removal. For homes and businesses in a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area, Virginia state law also requires each septic tank be pumped out and inspected after each five-year period.


For more information about septic systems and how a Fairfax VA septic system alarm can keep your home or business healthy and safe, contact Advantage Septic Services at (703) 392-7070. With more than thirty years supporting our community, we can build a septic system perfect for you.

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