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Haymarket Septic Service Alarm

A Haymarket VA septic system alarm can prevent a major spill of sewage from homes and businesses. The alarm itself is fairly simple, but it is important to understand the mechanics and the function. Knowledge of the alarm not only supports an owner in managing it but also to ask questions about using the alarm to manage the septic system itself.


An Advantage Septic Service floating alarm is necessary to help monitor any septic system. Septic tanks without an alarm require an aggressive maintenance and removal schedule to ensure there is no spill of effluent or other wastewater. Our technicians can set the warning level to any point within the tank to provide enough time between the alarm ringing and our response team arriving to take care of removal or another problem.


Other problems do happen, so the first question a new owner should ask is: What do I do when the septic service alarm sounds?


First, turn off the alarm. If you have neighbors close by, they might get annoyed, or mistake it for a burglar alarm and call law enforcement. Hopefully, they call you first.


Determine what the problem might be. In most cases, you may have reached your high level sooner than expected. Also possible is the chance there is a blockage in your outtake pipe, and the wastewater is quickly approaching the intake pipe. That puts your structure at risk for untreated sewage backing up inside.


The next question is a follow-up to the first one: If I cannot find a problem, what caused the alarm to sound in the first place?


A false alarm is very rare so that each incident can be serious. A minor problem easily fixed now prevents major problems that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair and clean up. Worse, until you fix it, the state environmental agency breathing down your neck.


Most often additional water is getting in the holding tank. Alarms occasionally go off when there is heavy rain, which means there is a leak somewhere. Often, there is a nearby broken, or cracked water line is flooding the area underground. One of the pipes may need resealing, or something even simpler like an access hatch was left partially open after the last inspection.


Of course, the most important question for any owner is how do I keep my Haymarket VA septic service alarm from going off?


The best way to never hear your alarm, except for semi-annual testing, of course, is not to ignore your septic system. Mark your calendar, so you remember to walk over the area of your septic tank at the same time every month. There should not be a smell from the tank, but if you do catch an odor, then it is time to schedule a tank truck for removal or call for an inspection.


If you have any questions about your alarm, the septic system, or anything else related to the subject. Call Advantage Septic Service today at (703) 392-7070. We are here to help.

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