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Haymarket VA Grease Tank Cleaning

Whether it is a home or restaurant in Haymarket, VA regular grease tank cleaning is important. It will help keep the septic system functioning properly, and it is also required by city and state law. This applies to residential and commercial kitchens. Haymarket, VA residents that don’t have grease tank cleaning performed regularly risk expensive fines and repairs that could’ve been avoided.

Over time grease, fat and oil can build up in the tank. This can cause clogs and result in overflows. When this occurs not only is it messy and expensive to clean-up, it is also harmful to the environment. For businesses, this can be potentially devastating, especially if the overflow occurs in the front. Foul odors are another problem that can occur when a grease tank overflows. The professionals at Advantage Septic Service know how important regular grease tank cleaning is, and they have the experience needed to maintain both traditional and alternative waste water management systems.

There are several reasons why property owners with septic systems in Haymarket, VA should have grease tank cleaning done on a regular basis. Some of the ones Advantage Septic Service commonly cites to their clients include,

  • Prevent blockages
  • Avoid sewage overflows
  • Stay in compliance
  • Extend the life of the septic system

Regular maintenance of all septic systems is required to stay in compliance, and this includes routine grease trap cleaning. The frequency of the procedure will vary according to size, type and usage, along if it is used in a residence or business. Advantage Septic Service will carefully discuss this and other considerations with their clients to ensure that they are providing them with the best service possible.

One of the best reasons to have grease tanks cleaned regularly is that the simple procedure can help property owners save money. Removing the built-up sludge and debris can help prolong the life of the system, along with helping to prevent expensive repairs. Owners of septic systems will also be in compliance with county requirements, and this means that they can avoid the risk of costly fines and other penalties. With so many reasons for property owners to maintain their septic systems, it only makes sense to schedule an appointment with the experts.

Advantage Septic Service has been providing regular and contract service to their residential and commercial customers in Northern Virginia for over thirty years. They will work with their clients in Haymarket, VA to determine a grease tank cleaning schedule that fits the system’s needs. They understand that every property is different, and some grease tanks will need to be cleaned more often. Whether it is a small kitchen or a large institution, Advantage Septic Service will keep the system function optimally.

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