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How Often Do You Have To Pump Out Your Bealeton VA Septic Tank

A septic tank pump-out is part of the process of maintaining your septic system. You get to avoid septic system failure, which is inconveniencing, and the repair work can be expensive. You may, however, be wondering how often you need to pump out your Bealeton VA Septic Tank, and you are not alone. For many people, as long as everything is working fine, they will not take too much notice. It pays to embrace pro-activity instead of waiting for things to go wrong before you call in the professionals.

How Long Should The Pump Out Interval Be?
The intervals between pump-outs will depend on how fast your septic tank fills up. A small household will, for example, enjoy more extended usage before the need to drain the septic tank. The experts recommend that you schedule an inspection every three years. You should also drain and clean the septic tank once every five years. Even if you have a small household, remember there are many components to the septic system that you must take care of. You may be inadvertently clogging up your system by some of the practices you have within your home. If, for example, you dispose of chemicals, oil, fur, hairballs, wet wipes, among others into your septic system, it will fill up faster. The professionals will measure the scum and sludge level to determine whether you need to drain it or not.

What Happens If You Ignore Your Septic System?
Think about owning a vehicle, and you never take it for servicing. You can expect that after some time, it will no longer serve you as it should. You will have to deal with breakdowns and constant repairs or replacements. Think about how efficiently your car services you because of the attention you pay to it. Now apply the same to your septic system. The better you maintain it, the more usage you can get out of it.

Can You Handle The Pump Out On Your Own?
The answer is an absolute yes if you have the relevant tools, training, and knowledge to handle such tasks. You must also have training in the handling and disposal of waste. If you do not, you must consider engaging a professional to handle the work for you. The experts have taken the time to learn the trade, and they know exactly what to look out for within the septic system.

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