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How to Deal With A Bull Run, VA Septic Tank That Has Collapsed?

Have you ever been faced with a septic tank collapse in your yard? If so, you might be knowing how dangerous it is. The main issue about a septic tank collapse is that it happens suddenly without any warning signs. You will not get any hint of the weakness in the structure of your septic tank by looking it from outside. So, most of the time, you will be clueless about what causes a Bull Run, VA septic tank to collapse. Whatever be the underlying reason for the collapse, there is no doubt that it results in a very stinking and messy situation in your yard. The most dangerous thing about having a collapsed septic tank in your property is that anyone may fall into it, and if not attended to quickly, they can get suffocated to death.

What Causes a Bull Run, VA Septic Tank to Collapse?

There can be several reasons behind a septic tank collapse. One of the most apparent reasons is having an old septic tank in your yard, which is not maintained correctly. For example, the structure of septic tanks may be destroyed if built using materials that are prone to corrosion. So, it is vital to get old septic tanks in your property inspected by professionals like Advantage Septic Service to eliminate the chance of a sudden septic tank collapse.

Another commonly observed fact is that a septic tank that is emptied of water recently, is more prone to collapse as the pressure of the soil bordering it is no longer equalized by the water inside the tank. Also note that if a septic tank is disconnected and remains empty for long periods, there may be chances of forming high hydrostatic pressure in the surrounding ground. This will eventually lead to a septic tank collapse. This happens in the case of disconnected and abandoned septic tanks also.

Apart from these, disproportionate wastewater distribution can also cause sudden septic tank collapse. Let us see how this is possible. If you have a properly designed septic system in your yard, it will always ensure that the wastewater runs and gets absorbed along the sides of the tank evenly. If your septic tank is not able to do this properly, a specific area of the system may be forced to absorb more wastewater than it can handle, making that area more prone to collapse. Another cause of sudden septic tank collapse is driving heavy vehicles or equipment over your septic tank system.

Always make sure to treat a septic tank collapse as an emergency and act quickly. Call a professional septic tank service provider such as Advantage Septic Service for immediate help before someone falls into it and puts his or her life at risk.

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