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Opal Va Grease Tank Cleaning

Have you ever tried your hand at cleaning out the grease trap in your restaurant? If so, you know what a brutal job it is. Most people who try it once are only too happy to outsource the duty because it’s just too dirty and thankless a job to want to do twice.

We understand, which is why our Opal VA grease tank cleaning service is among the most popular we provide.

The thing is, your grease trap is one of those small but critical details you can’t afford not to pay attention to, one way or the other. Our recommendation is that you have the trap emptied out about every three months.

That’s fine as a general guideline, but again, when it comes to Opal VA grease tank cleaning, you can’t afford to take chances, so there are two other things you should always keep in the forefront of your mind.

The first, of course, are the city’s regulations. Whenever the city says it’s time for a tank cleaning, it’s time, even if the trap isn’t full yet. Second though, it’s worth keeping the One Quarter rule in mind. This rule of thumb says that you should monitor your tank, and when it becomes more than one quarter full of fats, oils, grease and solids—often written as the shot hand FOGs—then it’s time for another Opal VA grease tank cleaning.

The interesting thing about that though, is the fact that you might find yourself in the situation where you’re having to have your tank pumped out much more often than the city’s regulations stipulate, and that’s costing you money and denting your bottom line.

There are two possible causes to consider in a case like that:

One, there’s something wrong with the system itself, or two, it’s an employee education issue. If there’s a problem with your system, we can help with that! After we pump your tank out, we can perform a thorough inspection and fix any problems we find.

If it’s a problem with employee training, the two biggest culprits are these:

  • Your garbage disposal is set up such that it’s feeding solid waste into your trap. This is a simple matter to fix. Just re-route it and your tank will fill up much more slowly.
  • Your employees are not scraping dinner plates completely before washing them or putting them in the dish washer. This one’s also easily corrected with proper training. Any food that winds up in the trash can is less that ultimately winds up in your trap, and that’s a win for you.

Even in the best of circumstances though, your grease trap will need attention on a regular basis, and when it’s time, help is just a phone call away. Call us when you need us. We’ll be there.

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