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Prince William County VA Grease Trap Cleaning

Probably you’ve heard the term’ grease trap,’ and you might be trying to figure out what it entails. This implies a trap in a waste pipe or drains placed to stop grease from penetrating the sewer system. Typically, the grease trap involves a plumbing component that carries decomposing food waste.

You might have been experiencing ongoing hitches with your sewer system, where you notice constant food clogging and backups. You may have to contact the Advantage septic service professionals for a Prince William County VA grease trap cleaning.

Prince William County VA Grease Trap Cleaning

Food preparation is a must-do activity in our kitchens. However, when cooking ends up causing an unnecessary buildup of waste, particularly liquid waste, if not considered immediately, not only can it become sickening, but it might also turn out a severe and costly undertaking to restore the grease trap system.

You can know that you need a grease trap replacement whenever your local municipality asks to inspect due to evidence of grease leakages into the neighborhood water system.

While it may appear a simple process to eliminate the fats, oils, and grease (FOG), where you may only have to pour it into an empty jar, it might still become an overwhelming task for large-scale entities like restaurants. Remember that you should maintain your grease trap before any possible case of malfunctioning.

You also need to consider replacing the sewer system if it keeps backing up, failing to filter grease from your water, becoming extremely difficult to clean, or causes foul odors to generate frequently from your kitchen.

Why the Need for Grease Trap Cleaning?

Usually, waste produced by large-scale institutions like hotels, schools, and hospital kitchen units, are considerably more in terms of rate and amount. If left unchecked, the waste may finally accumulate in the grease trap and cause concerns such as:

  • Foul smell
  • The limited flow of wastewater
  • Clogged sewers and drainpipes

Think about this: If the trapped fats, oil, and grease are not pumped out when appropriate, they might end up forming thick layers, which could then begin escaping via the outlets, and hence the horrible smells that may make your surroundings uncomfortable.

Furthermore, with blockages in the downstream pipes, the grease traps and drains that hold the wastewater could flood out. As a result, your kitchen might be shut down by the local sanitary authorizations.

  • The best way you can avoid these issues is by maintaining your grease trap through:
    Regular maintenance
  • Immediate fixing of a poorly-functioning grease trap

Advantage Septic Service Can Handle Your Grease Trap Cleaning

Do not let your grease trap make life difficult for you when we can manage your situation and make your kitchen operations smooth and enjoyable.

For over 20 years now, Advantage Septic Service continues to provide clients with grease trap cleaning services in Northern Virginia.

Whether homes, restaurants, bakeries, catering service units, food service kitchens, businesses, or institutions, we are here for you whenever you need a thorough grease trap cleaning and maintenance services.

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