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Septic Tank Cleaning Leesburg VA

Septic tank cleaning in Leesburg, VA must be done every five years in order to meet county health department requirements. If this simple procedure is not performed regularly it can result in fines, and a complete failure of the system. When a septic system is not working properly it can be result in expensive cleanups and repairs, and even be harmful to the environment. With all of the importance that is placed on routine cleaning, it only makes sense that property owners would want their septic systems maintained by the best.

For more than twenty-five years Advantage Septic Service has been meeting the needs of their residential and commercial customers. They are familiar with all types of septic systems, and are more than qualified to keep them in good working order. Advantage understands how important it is to ensure that a septic system is functioning optimally. Not just for their clients, but also for the environment. This is why they take the time to perform a complete inspection whenever a septic tank cleaning is performed in Leesburg, VA.

When clients contact Advantage to schedule a septic tank cleaning on their Leesburg, VA property they can rest assured that every component of the system will be carefully checked for any problems. This includes,

  • Inlet and outlet baffles
  • Dividing wall
  • Back flow
  • Lines and pipes

The certified technicians will carefully check for any missing or broken baffles, and remove any tree roots that could become obstacles. The tank will also be checked for signs of damage, and the lines and pipes will be inspected for leaks. Advantage will pay close attention to the drain field to ensure that back flow isn’t a problem. If the dividing wall is constructed from concrete there is rarely a problem, but ones constructed from plastic can start to fall over time. When the tank is empty Advantage Septic Service will make sure that it is sturdily in place. If an issue is discovered they will work closely with property owners to find a solution that is effective and affordable.

Regular maintenance is important to keep any septic system functioning properly, and it is also required by the county health department. When septic tank cleaning is not routinely performed in Leesburg, VA problems that could have been prevented are common. It is a simple procedure that can save property owners money in the long run.

Advantage Septic Service is dedicated to their customers and the environment. They will take the time to make sure that the job is done right the first time. With over two decades of experience with commercial and residential septic systems it is easy to see why they are often the first choice when a tank needs to be pumped.


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