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Septic Tank Cleaning Loudoun County VA

Alerts have been issued by the county health department reminding residents that it might be time to have their conventional septic tanks pumped. Septic tank cleaning in Loudoun County, VA is required by law at least once every five years, but this might not be enough to keep all systems functioning optimally. Not having a routine maintenance performed on a septic system can result in problems, and expensive fines. It is a relatively simple procedure that can extend the life of the system and even save property owners money.

While septic tank cleaning in Loudoun County, VA must be done every five years, the experts at Advantage Septic Service often recommend that it be performed more frequently. They caution their clients that the size of the tank and number of occupants in the home will play a role in how often it needs to be pumped. In many cases it might need to be pumped once every three years to ensure that it is functioning optimally.

During routine maintenance, the tank is emptied and this gives the certified technicians at Advantage Septic Service the opportunity to perform a complete inspection. They will carefully check the tank for any signs of problems, along with the rest of the system. When the septic tank cleaning in Loudoun County, VA is being performed by the team at Advantage property owners can rest assured that they have contacted the best. Some of the areas that are inspected for problems include,

  • Inlet and outlet baffles
  • Dividing wall
  • Lines and pipes
  • Back flow

The qualified personnel from Advantage Septic Service will carefully check for any missing or broken baffles, and make sure that there aren’t any tree roots in the area that could become blockages. The tank will be inspected for any leaks, and to make sure that tree roots aren’t around the lid. Lines and pipes are also inspected for leaks. One of the most important areas to check for problems is the dividing wall, and Advantage will ensure that it is sturdy. If a problem is discovered they will work closely with property owners to find a solution that is affordable and effective.

Not all septic companies are the same and if property owners want to keep their systems in good working order they need to be maintained by the best. For over twenty years Advantage Septic Service has been meeting the needs of their residential and commercial customers, and their commitment to excellence has made them one of the leading companies in Northern Virginia.

When septic tank cleaning is needed in Loudoun County, VA it only makes sense to contact the licensed and certified professionals at Advantage Septic Service.

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