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What Is The Reason Behind Your Manassas VA Septic Tank Collapse?

If you have a septic tank system in your property, one of the critical issues you can encounter is a septic tank collapse. A septic tank can collapse suddenly without any warnings. This is what makes septic tank collapses dangerous. Such an incident often leaves you wondering why it happened.

There are different reasons due to which a septic tank collapse can occur. Irrespective of what caused a septic tank collapse, it results in a very smelly and untidy situation in your yard. Moreover, having a collapsed septic tank in your property increases the risk of someone falling into it and getting injured. Sometimes these injuries can be lethal, so it is wise to be careful.

What Causes A Manassas, VA Septic Tank to Collapse?

One of the main culprits behind a septic tank collapse is its age. So, if you have a very old septic system in your property, that is disconnected and is no more in use, make sure to call experts at Advantage Septic Service and get it inspected. Also, note that septic tanks that are emptied of water are much more likely to collapse.

This is because it does not have water inside it to compensate for the pressure applied to it by the soil surrounding it. If a septic tank is left empty for long periods, it can also cause high hydrostatic pressure to build in the surrounding soil, which can lead to a septic tank collapse.

Apart from these reasons, if wastewater is distributed unevenly inside the tank, it can also lead to septic tank collapse. This is because a septic system should let the sewage run and get absorbed along the tank’s length in an even manner. Instead of that, if a particular area of the system is forced to absorb more water than it can handle, it will make that area succumb more quickly to a total collapse.

If you are still wondering what causes a Manassas, VA septic tank to collapse, let us talk about one more common reason. That is, driving heavy-duty vehicles and equipment over or the nearby areas of the septic system. This will cause too much pressure on the structure of the septic system leading to its collapse. Not only that, but the waste inside the septic tank carries bacteria and germs that let out dangerous methane gas. Inhaling methane can prove to be toxic to us.

Advantage Septic Service provides several services like designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining of septic tanks and assure you quick and quality service all times. Our technicians will also answer your queries regarding your septic system maintenance. Don’t hesitate to call us immediately if you face a septic tank collapse and you need help.

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