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Will A Flooded Clifton Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

A heavy rain causes the ground around your home to take in a lot of moisture. The good thing is that this aids in preventing your home from flooding. However, if you have a septic tank, during heavy storm you may have to face septic tank flooding.

The main function of a drain field is to provide a space for effluent to filter through the soil. This process lightly saturates the ground above and around the drain field. The soil that was supposed to drain wastewater, unfortunately becomes soaked with rainwater during heavy rains. If this happens, wastewater wouldn’t be drained well through the drain field’s soil. This can pose a significant problem for your septic system.

Will A Flooded Clifton Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

First, it is necessary to identify the signs of a septic tank, which is flooded. A thunderstorm alone does not indicate a flooded septic tank. There are a few noticeable signs of a septic tank that is flooded:

If the ground around your septic tank is sinking, you need to be careful. Settling is common immediately after the installation of a septic system. However, if settling happens years later, this is a signal of an overflowing septic tank.

Soggy soil
Soggy soil around your septic tank indicates it is flooding and hence it’s not able to filter the effluent, as it normally does.

Formation of pool of water
The formation of a pool of water atop your septic tank which won’t dissipate signals of a flooded sewage system.

A foul odor
A foul odor around your septic tank means that it is clogged up and is not efficient enough to properly filter the wastewater. This is a sure sign of a septic tank that is flooded and needs to be addressed immediately.

Back-up of sewage in drains
The backing up of sewage into your drains after use indicates that your septic tank is flooded. Ideally, a septic system must have enough space in the tank for all the effluents to enter. Following a rain or a flood, the drain field cannot function properly.

Are you still pondering over the question will a flooded Clifton VA septic tank fix itself? There are very slim chances of this happening. A septic tank is responsible for draining wastewater from your home, so a flooded one can be a serious problem as it can cause the sewage to enter back into all the drains of your home. This can then cause unpleasant odors.

The best thing to is to call a professional who will diagnose and fix your septic system problem. We provide with experts who can do this for you. You can get in touch with us by filling up a contact form on our website, and somebody will get back to you shortly.

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