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Will A Flooded Gainesville Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

The earth around your home collects a lot of moisture during heavy rains. The good news is that this will help avoid flooding in your home. During a storm however, as the rainwater goes into your septic tank it can get flooded.

If the soil in the drain field becomes saturated, the effluent can no longer drain properly. This can cause serious issues with your septic system. Many people think that an overflowing septic tank is not an issue. Are you thinking, will a flooded Gainesville VA septic tank fix itself? Read on to find out.

Signs You Have a Flooded Septic Tank:

A thunderstorm the previous night doesn’t mean your septic tank is flooded. There are a few telltale signs that your septic tank has flooded:

If the ground around your septic tank, which was installed more than a year ago is sinking, you might have a problem! Settling is a normal occurrence shortly after a septic system is installed. If it occurs years after installation and there’s been a lot of rain, you’re probably dealing with a flooded septic tank.

Damp earth
You have a flooded septic tank, if it has been a few days since the last rain and the ground is already saturated. Soggy soil indicates that your drain field has become waterlogged and is no longer able to filter effluent as effectively as it once did.

Standing pool
A flooded system is indicated by a small pond that has formed above your septic tank and will not disappear.

Foul odor
If the ground around your septic system starts to emit a foul odor, your septic system is likely backed up. A foul odor means that the septic tank is no longer filtering wastewater properly, after a storm or flood.

Sewage clogging your drains
Your septic tank is probably overflowing, if sewage backs up into your drains after use. A correctly functioning septic system should have enough room in the tank, for wastewater to enter. The drain field can’t work properly after a storm, which means the tank can’t either.


Will A Flooded Gainesville Va Septic Tank Fix Itself?

It’s not a good idea to mess around with a flooded septic tank. Since your septic tank is responsible for draining all of your home’s wastewater, a flooded one is a major concern. Sewage will clog up your home’s drains and emit a foul smell, if your septic tank is flooded. You’ll have to deal with this stinky dilemma sooner, rather than later.

There’s a slim chance that your overflowing septic tank would clear up on its own. Call a specialist to diagnose the problem, as soon as you know it has flooded. The tank would need to be drained until the ground around the septic tank and drain field has dried out a bit. To get in touch with one of our experts, you can fill up the contact form on our website and expect a call from us soon.

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