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Are Septic Tank Additives Safe for Your Fairfax VA Septic Tank?

For every homeowner, maintaining a septic system is very important as they usually expect it to run efficiently for many years. A septic tank depends on various natural bacteria and enzymes to break down the waste in it so that everything flows smoothly through the system. Remember that without these bacteria and enzymes, waste would get accumulated in the tank and will cause blockage of the entire system. Such blockages can result in a very costly repair bill. So, to ensure that your septic system is performing correctly, you need to keep the bacteria in it. So, restrain from putting chemicals in the plumbing system that can kill these bacteria.

What Are Septic Tank Safe Cleaners to Use in My Fairfax VA House?
Septic tank additives are often very appealing to homeowners when it comes to cleaning their septic tank. This is because their manufacturers typically claim these products can help to break down the scum in the tank and eliminate the need to pump your septic tank often.
There are two types of septic tank additives, namely biological additives and chemical additives. Biological additives are bacteria and enzymes which claim to support an overworked system. However, these are unnecessary as the system gets all the bacteria it needs from the incoming waste. They won’t harm your system, but they don’t help, either.

The second type of additives is chemical additives. These include both organic and inorganic products invented to dissolve the scum layer, control odor, or to restore a blocked drain field. Most of the degreasers and household drain cleaners fall into this category. When compared to biological additives, these are more dangerous because they may upset the pH balance in the tank and kill the bacteria in it and interfere with the waste separation process and proper functioning of your septic tank. For example, by dissipating the scum layer, they can cause scum to leak into your soil and groundwater.

Apart from these septic tank additives, there are other gentler household products like hydrogen peroxide that won’t harm the bacteria in the tank much, but can still contaminate the drain field’s soil and reduce its capacity to purify wastewater.

If the question “what are septic tank safe cleaners to use in my Fairfax VA House?” is still lurking in your mind, remember this. If your system is overworked, no additive is going to solve problems like slow running drains, foul odor, or pooling water around the drain field. For this, you have to either reduce your household water use or have the tank pumped out more often. In some cases, the system might have been designed or installed incorrectly and will have to be overhauled. Call professionals at Advantage Septic Systems if you ever face such problems. We will be happy to help you.

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