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What Happens If An Airlie Va Septic Tank Is Never Pumped Out

Let us face it. Septic systems aren’t fun or exciting. Most people think about their existence only when they pose a problem. Here’s a question for you: When was the last time you had a septic tank pumping?

If you are like most people and find it difficult to remember the date, the safest thing to do is give our office a call and schedule a septic tank service immediately. Then, once we have done the septic tank inspection and pumped out the tank for you, we recommend repeating the procedure every three to five years. This will help you to minimize the risk of a serious septic system problem.

Keep in mind that the timeframe we recommended above for tank pump-outs is just a rule of thumb. In reality, this timeframe may differ. This is because every household is different, and you may need to pump out your septic tank more or less frequently depending on various factors, such as:

  • Number of people living in your home
  • How often you accommodate overnight guests
  • How much water you use daily
  • And how good your septic tank habits are

Most of these are self-explanatory except for the last one. If this is the first time you are living in a home with a septic system, the chances are that you might not be aware of what we mean by good septic tank habits.

Let us briefly explain this point to you. When you live in a home connected to a municipal sewage system, you seldom worry about what all gets flushed down your toilets or poured down your sink drains. This is mainly because all you have to deal with in such a situation is a temporary clog in your pipes. Once you clear the clog, you no longer have to deal with it. It becomes someone else’s problem.

This is not the case when you own a septic system. Whatever non-biodegradable items you introduce into it will sit there, and you will have to clear the mess by pumping your septic tank out. This means if you have poor septic tank habits and keep on dumping non-biodegradable things into your septic system, you will need more pumping out. This is why we stated having good septic tank habits is essential for minimizing your septic tank pumping out frequency.

What Happens If an Airlie, VA Septic Tank is Never Pumped Out?

This is a common question we receive from our clients. If you are also confused about what happens if an Airlie, VA, septic tank is never pumped out, let us clarify it to you. In such situations, sooner or later, your septic tank will get clogged and stop functioning as it should.

As a top-rated septic service company in the region, we would be happy to help you with keeping your septic system in good working order. Just give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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